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Have an idea? We’ve got the app!

At STS, our thirst for growing your business with growth-oriented apps knows no bounds. Over the years, we’ve developed a wide array of optical apps that offered pioneering features to the customers. Our modern approach to identifying stylish eyewear trends means that we have our fingers on the pulse of your customers’ minds. Come to us and let your ideas bloom.

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Focusing on Individuals

STS isn’t your typical eyewear app development company, led by naïve experts utilising outdated methods. Instead, it’s a company whose efforts revolve around the end user’s unique needs and style. Our AR-based apps delve deeper into your facial features and help you choose a frame or lens that meets your design goals. If you can imagine it, we can create it!


Innovative apps

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Frame customisation

Customising your glasses and frames has become a walk in the park. Change the texture and color of frames in live time and choose a combination that suits your personality. You can create your own stylish monogram and showcase it on your frame to stand out from the rest.


Lens selection

Check thousands of lenses and choose the one that fulfills your customers’ unique measurement criteria. Customers can also create their profiles by outlining their lifestyle preferences and get real-time suggestions of best-fitted lenses and coatings.


Optical Measurements

In today’s age of digitalisation, you shouldn’t measure the optical aspects manually. Whether you want to measure the pupillary distance, need to check your eyesight, or just intend to measure the size of a frame, our apps have got you covered.



At STS, we are using the latest technologies to develop our apps. We believe that every technology has the potential for greatness. It’s our mission to turn this potential into apps that transform your eyewear business for good.










Smart Tech Solutions

Transforming the optical industry with its unique take on Augmented Reality, STS is a Belgium-based app development company committed to helping eyewear brands digitalise their business processes. We’re passionate about engaging your customers, and you can feel this passion in every solution we offer.