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One app,
the brands you love ❤️

Introducing adn°°, a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind app that has taken the eyewear selection experience to new heights. adn°° allows glasses lovers to choose from thousands of stylish collections having high-end precision.


Befriend the latest eyewear trends!

Let’s face it. Catching up with the latest eyewear trends is a hard nut to crack. But with adn°°, you’ll keep up with the trendy, eye-catchy, and stylish spectacle fashion and express yourself confidently. The app fetches new trends every day, thereby enabling you to try on thousands of frames that could magically boost your personality.

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Your size will fit now!

With adn°°, you don’t spend time finding frames of the right size. Nor will your requirements ever mismatch. From trying on thousands of colors and comparing different sizes to finally choosing the right one, you can furnish everything under one roof to satiate your curiosity.


Thousands of collections, thousands of perceptions!

Imagine finding the glasses of thousands of colors and styles in one app and trying on all of them by sitting at your home. Our top-tier app creates a culture of infinite stylish possibilities that enriches your and your customers’ lives. Metal, flat top, cat-eye shape, retro – adn°° has everything under its wings.

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Join us on this amazing journey

adn°° will be officially released in 2022 on the

App Store and Google Play  


Eyewear experience at ease

Have you ever imagined a virtual mirror that is immersive, realistic, and respects the real size of the glasses?


Download adn°° from the App Store and find your perfect fitted eyewear !